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What advantages do we have?

Daily backups

Daily backups

Always ready!

All web hosting packages benefits of daily backups through R1Soft. It mantains the data from backup for 7 days

custom solutions

Custom solutions

Services after customer requirements

All services listed on the site can be customized so that you can be completely satisfied.

Domain Registration

Domain registration

A little more and you're online!

Our domain registration is instant which means that immediately after the payment, the field will be registered.

Free services

Free services

Free? How? Where?

We offer free cPanel migration accounts, restore backups, Softaculous, Attracta SEO. Everything is much easier with us.



Vlability of services

We will not guarantee a 100% uptime but we do everything possible for not being downtimes, regardless of the price of the service sites.



Where do we host?

All hosting packages are hosted on dedicated servers with minimum 16 GB RAM and 2 quad-core CPU in RAID 10.


Through social networks and beyond, we will make known for you all deals that we have

The personalized offers will be made available when you purchasing more services or packages created exactly according to your requirements. We offer sponsorships for newly established companies , non-governmental organization , educational institutions and owners of sites with more than 500 daily visits that have a banner, a link or any other type of advertising with our company.



What is very important when you need a sponsorship or an offer?


Always you know what you want to receive an offer exactly as expected. You always have to know exactly what do you want for receiving an offer exactly as expected. We need absolutely all the technical details , software , hardware, etc .. personalized offers can be negotiated but only if advance payments for a period of at least 12 months or in case of purchasing several packages. Here’s what you have to do to request a quote or sponsorship:


  • Send an email to office [at] ovinetwork.ro
  • Explain why do you want a sponsorship or give us all the necessary details of the service that you need and we will make you a personalized offer
  • Specify the contact information (phone number, name and surname)
  • Send the message and within 24 hours we’ll return with a response by email or phone.